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SmartCMP - Application oriented cloud management platform
From this video you may quickly understand core function of SmartCMP, including:

1.Multi-cloud Mgmt. & Service orchestration
4.Insight & Agalysis
SmartCMP cloud resources blueprint service management
1.Cloud platform connection & resource pools creation 2.Blueprint orchestration & Service configuration 3.Cloud resource blueprint service application and approval   4.Service deployment and topology visualization 5.Monitoring & Alert and Expansion 6.Cost Analysis and optimization
SmartCMP Request Service Mgmt. Demo

Understand the requests configuration service and application and approval service

SmartCMP Resource Pooling and Automated Deployment

Fully demonstrate the concept and characteristics of resource bundles.
1. Manage and pool multiple heterogeneous cloud resources
2. Support a variety of strategies. 3. Self-service request resources. 4. Rapidly automate the deployment of cloud resources based on policies.
Ultimate control starts from here!