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Unified ITaaS Service Catalog

Single entrance, personalized self-service

● Single portal, supporting unified delivery of various cloud resources such as IaaS, IaaS+, PaaS, CaaS, etc.

● Configure various requests and provide a unified entrance for IT services

● Personalize self-service for users through easy-to-configure service catalogs and custom forms

● More than 50 out of box application components to automate software deployment and installation

● Different users can see and apply different services based on their roles and permissions.

Get the cloud resources and IT services quickly for your CloudOps and DevOps teams.

Provide users with the ability to manage configurations, states and changes by themselves.

Self-management, granting access by roles

View the service topology and understand the overall application running status

● Check the monitoring information, and define the alert policy based on monitoring metrics

● Self-operate and maintain virtual machines and other cloud resources

● Administrators can grant different operation and maintenance access to different roles and users.

Self-service Operation

Throughout the entire process of operation management

Self-service requires more strict policy-based management. Effectively control idle resources by automatic reclamation based on lease policy.

Set different lease and retention periods for different departments or environments, and automatically recycle resources when they expire.

● Users can apply for lease extensions on demand based on business needs

● Set timed tasks to shut down public cloud machines during non-working hours to save costs

Life-cycle Management

Ultimate control starts from here!