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Bastion Host

Professional Audits with Security Access

● SmartCMP not only integrates built-in bastion hosts, but also supports the integration of third-party system bastion hosts as needed, including QIZHI, NSFocus, and so on.

● SmartCMP matches the bastion host for the instances of different cloud platforms and closely integrates the management of users, permissions, and resources with the bastion host to control the user's access to the instance.

Users need to pass through the bastion host to access the instance,

which supports remote protocols based on cloud platform / RDP / VNC, providing a unified operation entrance and building a secure and efficient operation channel.

● Sound and compliant operation audits, including comprehensive records of operations, command audits, operation recordings, online playback of recorded operations, and traces of operation failures.

When deploying and deleting virtual machines, there is no need to install software on the managed devices and clients. The entire process of registering and unbounding bastion hosts is automated and users do not need to open multiple consoles separately.

SmartCMP support user access virtual machines through the bastion host, helping to build a seamless connection among users, permissions, and resource management, which not only ensures that cloud operation permissions can be controlled, audited and compliance, but also provides users with an excellent user experience.

Support all virtual, physical and cloud-based workloads through a single management console to meet the backup needs of organizations of all scales, ensuring service security and business continuity. Quickly restore data to any backup point, shorten recovery time, and reduce the burden on IT staff.

Implement cloud resource backup, recovery management and self-service

● User self-service. Perform backup / recovery operations for specified resources and view the execution process and results of backup / recovery operations in the operation history.

● Customize backup operations, configure backup strategies, and support backup of individual files, folders, entire virtual machines, applications, and more.

● Flexible selection of backup points. Users can quickly restore the backup data to the current instance, or freely choose to restore to a new target node.

SmartCMP not only integrates Veeam backup system, but also can flexibly increase support for other backup systems, such as: NBU, Ali HBR, Huawei CBR, etc.

Backup System Integration

Cloud Components

Any resource is a component object

● All resources are described by components. The components use a common, abstract model and adopt a unified data structure to achieve a complete modeling of enterprise IT resources.

● The platform has many types of out-of-the-box component resources built in, including IaaS, PaaS, containers, software, agents, and so on.

● Highly scalable. Users can easily add any cloud resource type to better support SmartCMP's ability to build XaaS.

Users can expand the capabilities of existing cloud resources as needed, including adding additional properties, scripts, operations and UI interactions of components, to meet complex deployment requirements and diverse business scenarios.

SmartCMP has the core ability to provide service for any resource, create and manage a library of reusable blueprint components, and organize orchestration, configuration, deployment and operation.

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