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Continuous Integration & Release

DevOps tool chain fully mastered

Integrate mainstream DevOps toolchains, including Nexus, JFrog Artifactory, Jenkins, Git, Gitlab, etc.

● Provide pipeline construction, define trigger conditions and deployment tasks for each phase, and complete application workflows such as new environment testing, deployment, and update.

Integrate the mainstream DevOps tool chain to create code management, continuous build, application configuration, product

management, resource deployment and monitoring operation and maintenance in virtualized and containerized environments to achieve continuous integration and release of applications

Integrate multiple software artifacts

Support Nexus, Jfrog Artifactory, VMware Harbor and other artifact repositories

● Simple and convenient access to artifacts

Artifact Repository

Release automated pipelines, customize task types (Jenkins Job, deploy new application, cloud resource change, application update, script execution), input and output parameters, execute settings, ensure continuity at each stage of the pipeline, real-time view the execution status of the task and find the problem in time

Intelligent & automated

Create an automated, reusable, secure and compliant application delivery process

● Build configuration, deploy, and test end-to-end process governance and control

Automated Pipeline

Automated deployment and grayscale release

Support software repository management, automated deployment, and grayscale release for a variety of applications

Software components and repository management to achieve automatic

installation, change, upgrade, etc.

● Integrated Ansible, providing automated deployment with agentless architecture

● A blueprint represents the topology of an application cluster, and can customize the operation flow of the resources to realize the blue-green upgrade or grayscale release of the cluster.

●Achieve canary analysis through monitoring

Continuous Delivery

Based on the international standard TOSCA model, SmartCMP provides powerful service modeling and orchestration capabilities, for automated end-to-end application deployment

Visualized orchestration, automated rapid deployment

● Visualized canvas for service orchestration anddesign, what you see is what you get.

● YAML-based TOSCA model, the ability to provide infrastructure as a code

● Set the installation sequence, dependencies, parameter passing, etc., and automate the deployment of the overall application.

Model once and set different configurations to meet different deployment requirements on different environments

Visualized Blueprint Orchestration

Ultimate control starts from here!