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Unified ITaaS Service Catalog

Single entrance, personalized self-service

● Single portal, supporting unified delivery of various cloud resources such as IaaS, IaaS+, PaaS, CaaS, etc.

● Configure various requests and provide a unified entrance for IT services

● Personalize self-service for users through easy-to-configure service catalogs and custom forms

● More than 50 out of box application components to automate software deployment and installation

● Different users can see and apply different services based on their roles and permissions.

Get the cloud resources and IT services quickly for your CloudOps and DevOps teams.

Through the capabilities of XaaS, SmartCMP can not only provide various cloud resources in the form of self-service, but also achieve self-service and automated delivery of other IT resources

Apply on demand to meet diverse needs

XaaS not only includes cloud resource services such as infrastructure, application software, containers, and databases that we are familiar with, but also non-standardized services that require human intervention

IT manual request service: password reset, request for new printer, etc.

Event Processing: Submit an IT issue ticket

Application for infrastructure resources: apply for a new IP pool, apply for resource pool expansion, etc.

HRaaS: Open an account, apply for a e-mail address, create a new organizational structure, and more.


Process Automation

Flexible customization process to meet different scenarios

● Service process design, specifying cloud resource automation deployment tasks and manual tasks, and the ways to transfer between tasks.

● Different types of approval process design, flexibly defining multi-level approval, parallel approval, conditional approval, etc.

Different processes can be set up on department level or individual service level to meet different scenario requirements.

Easily customize processes through a web-based designer to provide a rich, flexible, and service defining approach which follows the control requirements to your IT

Define strategies for provisioning infrastructure and application resources

The platform's open interface is for users to configure application parameters and operations. Orchestration and configuration services have become a standardized resource and application delivery method, and users can edit and re-define predefined service configurations at any time.

● Integrate internal processes (for example: approval process / cloud service deployment process), and customize the fields that can be modified during approval / request.

● Configure cloud resource blueprint services, providing a standardized and universal interface. Users can quickly configure resource usage strategies, permissions, and parameters according to their needs.

Flexible definition of additional attribute parameters of cloud services through forms to achieve efficient delivery of personalized infrastructure, applications and IT services.

Service configuration

Service Level Agreement

SLA is a kind of commitment and agreement between service providers and applicants. It defines the time and other conditions for the completion of the service. The service level agreement can be associated with the service provided by the platform to ensure timely tracking of service processing.

Ultimate control starts from here!