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Cloud Service and Resource Monitoring

Real-time monitoring, unified management

● Unified monitoring of cloud resources such as virtual machines, application software, and containers

● Flexible extensions of monitoring for any application

● Host heatmap to overview resource performance and health status

Performance monitoring of cloud resources to help you understand the overall usage of the cloud environment

Support rich alert types and strategy settings, notify the stakeholders in a variety of ways for them to keep updated of the latest status.

Rich alert types help you at ease

● Alerts can be setup based on online status, performance metrices, and future trend for virtual machines, applications, and containers

Apply alert policies to all levels of organization at one time

Support multiple types of notifications, such as system messages, SMS, email, WeChat, DingTalk, etc.


Flexible Expansion and Self-healing

● Automate horizontal and vertical expansion to meet business peak needs based on pre-defined policies

● Define the maximum times of expansions allowed to avoid unlimited resource consumption

● Automatically join the extended nodes to the cluster or load balancing based on the application topology defined in blueprint

Automated two-way expansion, to meet the requirements of business peaks

Flexibly expand according to the strategy to automatically solve potential problems and meet the requirements of the service level agreement.

Ultimate control starts from here!