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Unified Management of Multi-cloud Resources

Unified management of all types of cloud resources

● Importing existing cloud resources in batches, automatically discovering new resources created from cloud platform console, and managing them in a unified manner.

Cloud-agnostic service orchestration helps deploy application workloads to any cloud platform according to strategies or business needs

Unique plug-in architecture and extensible components that can be used to extend orchestration capabilities to any cloud service that supports APIs

With a platform-agnostic single management portal, you can federate, orchestrate and analyze multi-cloud environments including private clouds, public clouds, container, x86 bare metal servers, SDN, SDS, and more

A complete management platform oriented to a hybrid IT environment, which can manage heterogeneous infrastructures, and can connect to existing business process platforms.


For Multi-cloud and Cloud-native Services

Policy-driven High Automation

Self-service for R&D Personnel

Cloud-agnostic, Say no to Cloud Lock-in

Service Orchestration, Cloud-network Linkage

Object-oriented Model Design with Strong Extensibility

Provide Cloud-Agnostic Standardized Services

Flexible Configuration of Service Catalogs in Line with Enterprise Scenarios

Throughout the entire process of operation management

Self-service requires more strict policy-based management. Effectively control idle resources by automatic reclamation based on lease policy.

Set different lease and retention periods for different departments or environments, and automatically recycle resources when they expire.

● Users can apply for lease extensions on demand based on business needs

● Set timed tasks to shut down public cloud machines during non-working hours to save costs

Life-cycle Management

Visual IaC Designer

IaaS Virtual machine, load balancing, firewall

IaaS+ Application as a service, database as a service Combining SDN to realize cloud-network services

PaaS Docker, Kubernetes

Based on The TOSCA Standard Blueprint for Complex Application Orchestration

Support Better Automated Operations

Cloud Components

Any resource is a component object

● All resources are described by components. The components use a common, abstract model and adopt a unified data structure to achieve a complete modeling of enterprise IT resources.

● The platform has many types of out-of-the-box component resources built in, including IaaS, PaaS, containers, software, agents, and so on.

● Highly scalable. Users can easily add any cloud resource type to better support SmartCMP's ability to build XaaS.

Users can expand the capabilities of existing cloud resources as needed, including adding additional properties, scripts, operations and UI interactions of components, to meet complex deployment requirements and diverse business scenarios.

SmartCMP has the core ability to provide service for any resource, create and manage a library of reusable blueprint components, and organize orchestration, configuration, deployment and operation.

Cloud and Software-defined Network Integration

● Support mainstream SDN resources such as VMware NSX, Cisco ACI, F5 BIG-IP

● Unified management and orchestration of application software and network, and automate deployment and configuration according to polices defined

Break the barriers and realize network management automation

Help you achieve application-centralized network management and automation with unified blueprint orchestration of cloud hosts, applications, and SDN components

Provide users with the ability to manage configurations, states and changes by themselves.

Self-management, granting access by roles

View the service topology and understand the overall application running status

● Check the monitoring information, and define the alert policy based on monitoring metrics

● Self-operate and maintain virtual machines and other cloud resources

● Administrators can grant different operation and maintenance access to different roles and users.

Self-service Operation

Ultimate control starts from here!