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Lack uniform standard

Challenge of enterprise database

Need convenient deployment tool
Need a rich database
Require combination of cloud and infrastructure

The database structure is complex and difficult to deploy. It requires a unified tool to implement automated on-demand deployment and reduce duplication and complexity of DBA.

Operation need to unify the complex parameter standards of the database for later operation and fast fault handling.

Common databases include relationships, non-relationships, memory, big data, and many other types. Different databases have huge differences which requires IT departments establish a unified approach to provide a wide variety of databases.

Database relies on basic resources. To strengthen the flexibility of database, it is necessary to realize flexible combination of database and any cloud environment and release service potential.

Require timely and efficient operation tools

Database is of absolute importance in applications, so DBA needs an operation tool that can monitor database in real time and respond quickly to risks.

What you see is what you get

SmartCMP provides a common blueprint tool for DBA to quickly describe enterprise database architectures. DBA can fully define the database to be used on the blueprint. This implementation does not bind database architecture and may provide sufficient flexibility to ensure the design implement of any database.

Database lifecycle management

Combination of database and any cloud

SmartCMP allows administrators to define different resource pools according to various levels such as gold, silver, and copper. The resource pool will encapsulate the corresponding basic environment and users only need to select the project and level to which the database belongs. The automation system will use blueprint and resource pool to automatically place database instances and achieve the same model compliance deployment on different cloud resources.

Database as a Service

By improving the management of the whole life cycle, application users can realize request, operation, change, optimization and recycling of all stages of database in one platform. This service-based model allows DBA to get rid of tedious and repetitive human labor and focus on improving service quality and efficiency. Users can also get the standard database services they need as quickly as possible, dramatically reducing time, communication costs and risks.

Complete database monitoring and alert

With the monitoring system, SmartCMP can provide efficient continuous threshold detection in accordance with the DBA configuration automation alert policy. Any time the alert threshold is reached, system will immediately report to DBA or user so that the problem may be discovered and eliminated ASAP.

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