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Continuous delivery challenges of modern applications in a multi-cloud environment


For Multi-cloud and Cloud-native Services

Self-service for Non-ops

Cloud-agnostic, Say no to Cloud Lock-in

Application-oriented Service Orchestration to Support Modern Application Architectures

Support for Immutable Infrastructure

Toolchains that Integrate CloudOps and DevOps

Cloud Agnostic Blueprints, Deploying to Desired Cloud Platforms

Support Nexus, Jfrog Artifactory, VMware Harbor and other artifact repositories

● Simple and convenient access to artifacts

The CI/CD capabilities of applications have become the solution to improve the efficiency of product launch

Grayscale Release Pipeline

Multiple trigger conditions: manual trigger, timed trigger, Webhook trigger, Jenkins trigger Automated tasks: Jenkins Job tasks, service deployment, application updates, resource changes, wait, manual, etc.

Supports serial and parallel tasks

Build automated, reliable, and repeatable continuous delivery capabilities through visual pipelines

Based on the international standard TOSCA model, SmartCMP provides powerful service modeling and orchestration capabilities, for automated end-to-end application deployment

Visualized orchestration, automated rapid deployment

● Visualized canvas for service orchestration anddesign, what you see is what you get.

● YAML-based TOSCA model, the ability to provide infrastructure as a code

● Set the installation sequence, dependencies, parameter passing, etc., and automate the deployment of the overall application.

Model once and set different configurations to meet different deployment requirements on different environments

Visualized Blueprint Orchestration

Support multiple artifact repositories such as Nexus, VMware Harbor, Docker Trusted Registry, etc.

Support for obtaining container images, binary installation files and other package formats

Support to specify the location of products based on catalogs, tags, etc.

Support multiple artifact repositories, software package formats and designation methods

Provide pipeline overview to grasp the current and historical execution status, and intuitively analyzes DevOps efficiency

Record current and historical pipeline executions

Multi-dimensional analysis pipeline execution results Fast execution of new pipelines
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