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Cloud resources should be available all the time

Challenge of Dev & Test

Not understand technical details
Large operation workload
Unable to pull away from user's daily operation
Dev & Test do not want or understand the technical details of the cloud platform like how to properly choose the network, storage, etc.
Dev & Test need to access cloud resources at any time, taking advantage of the various features provided by the cloud platform, such as snapshots and backups.

CI/CD process needs to integrate various toolchains for development and operation and the workload is large.

Resource changes are frequent, and operation personnel do not want to participate in the daily operations of users. However, the use of cloud resources must be standardized in service operation. Therefore, operation personnel are required to participate in the whole process.

Serious waste of resources

The situation of Idle and wasted resources is serious.

Cloud Management Service Designed Especially For Dev & Test

Self-service everywhere

Dev & Test can obtain the cloud services needed for development through self-service, and can take snapshots, changes, and recycles according to requirements. The entire process does not require operation personnel to participate and solve the shadow IT problem of the public cloud from the source.

The self-service portal can provide cloud services from different user perspectives, adjust the content of the request according to user's background and needs, and the platform automatically selects appropriate resources based on the policy.

End-to-end application automation

The components included in today's applications may be extracted and deployed from different sources to different application layers, platforms, and resources. Coordination and organization are critical in the successful deployment of these applications. It is also important to ensure that the application components that are tested together are also deployed.

Through the SmartCMP blueprint, we can not only deliver IaaS resources such as computing, networking, storage, but also complete the application layer, including database, middleware installation and initialization, and complete system initialization for maximum automated delivery.

Policy-based resource planning and allocation

Dev & Test scenarios requires minimizing manual operations and reducing approvals, but this does not mean that resources can be used in an irregular manner, or that every Dev & Test becomes a professional IT operation personnel. The platform selects the appropriate resources based on the user's department and role and resource selection policy.

Continuous integration and release

SmartCMP Application Release Pipeline works seamlessly with continuous integration tools such as Jenkins, Git, and JFrog Artifactory to automate the entire application deployment and pipeline change.

Deployment automation bridges the gap between Dev and Ops by integrating the entire tool chain from an application-centric perspective, managing and visualizing the candidate version deployment of the entire pipeline.

Grayscale release, canary analysis

Based on the blueprint, the software architect can implement the grayscale publishing process for each application topology blueprint and let the platform automate the release, test and rollback.

Ultimate control starts from here!