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While enjoying the advantages of cloud computing, enterprises are generally faced with the challenges of skyrocketing expenses and compliance risks

Multiple different public clouds, no unified cost analysis No bill for private cloud resources and no cost analysis Shared cloud and non-cloud resources (including manpower, electricity, etc.) cannot be allocated according to the rules Cost analysis needs to be oriented to different user perspectives and multiple dimensions    · Ordinary users need to check their own fees    · Department managers and project administrators need to check the   expenses of their respective organizations    · Financial department needs to view all expenses calculated by cost center

Cost Analysis & Governance

All Costs Can Be traced, allocated and optimized

Flexible billing rules to adapt to multiple business scenarios

Set prices for different attributes of any cloud and any resource, covering data centers and cloud resources of computing, storage, network, PaaS services and others.

● Support different billing modes such as annual and monthly subscriptions or pay-as-you-go.

Provide the estimated overall service price immediately and support online comparison of multi-cloud platforms.

Flexible billing rules for different clouds and different resources. Provide secondary billing for public clouds and various price settings for private clouds to flexibly meet the needs of multiple business scenarios.

Sort out the attribution of resources and obtain resource costs, so as to conduct cost analysis and multi-dimensional display

Combine monitoring and configuration information to optimize costs based on compliance governance policies

Cost Analysis & Governance, all costs can be traced, allocated and optimized

● Support the definition of cloud resource billing rules, including not only private cloud products, but also public cloud products, network equipment, software, etc.

● Support the definition of non-cloud resource billing rules, such as electricity fees, rental fees, etc., to achieve unified accounting for any IT expenditure of enterprises

● Support to define SaaS service billing rules

Support billing for any private cloud through billing rules

Visual, Multi-dimensional Cost Analysis
● Multi-dimensional analysis and display of aggregate costs △Analysis grouping: Built-in multi-dimensional bill analysis dashboard. Support analysis by bill type, cost center, cloud platform, business group, project, and user △Analysis chart: View the total cost trend, forecast today's cost, cost ratio, and other dimensional data charts. ● Different people see different cost data

Define Optimization Policies and Post-trigger Processing Methods

Based on policy rules, analyze and discover various situations on the platform that do not comply with cost optimization policies and security specifications

Define basic information for optimization policy.

Define specific rules and use Java Expression Language to quickly create clear and understandable policies.

Define notifications after policy triggers, optimization recommendations, and even automated remediation actions

Intuitive and visual presentation of execution results

Visually display the operation of the compliance policy, click to view the violation details

Graphical display of compliance rate, compliance trend, proportion and trend of violation impact

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