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Unified Access of Multi-clouds

Realize multi-cloud unified management through cloud gateway

● Support public cloud multi-account resource import ● Support one-click import or automatic synchronization of resources ● Introduced resources are automatically registered in the bastion machine, updated configuration changes, and replaced.

The distributed architecture allows multi-cloud unified access.

The security access control of the bastion host is closely integrated with the functions of the CMP to provide you with a unified operation entrance and create a safe and efficient operation channel.

Unified Operation Portal

● The resources both deployed and imported into the platform can be accessed through the bastion host, and will be automatically registered, updated or deleted in the bastion host, without any manual configuration. ● Support SSH, RDP, VNC and other remote access protocols. ● Batch modification and distribution of host keys to improve security protection.

● Different entitlement configurations for different roles to control the scope of operation.

Expand access security capabilities based on credentials

Unified management of access passwords/keys for various cloud resources

Password/key is encrypted and saved in the background to avoid leakage A single credential can be associated with multiple cloud resources By updating credentials, cloud resource passwords can be updated in batches Temporary privilege escalation by temporarily sharing credentials Log in to cloud resources with credentials Automated operations with credentials
Access Control

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