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Automated cloud service requests
Automated cloud platform operation
Smart resource usage and cost analysis
Policy-based delivery process automation, automatically applying standards and specifications for different scenarios and environments.
Visualized service orchestration
Service catalog, user self-service application,automated delivery
Effective combination of cloud resource deployment services and ITSM
Unified management and dispatch of processes, specifications and strategies
Automated cloud service requests

Based on the standard TOSCA model and process engine, build a unified operation and maintenance platform for different application architectures and IT processes.

▶ Unified Mgmt. of public/private cloud, physical machine, container and SDN/SDS
▶ Monitoring, alerts, self-healing
▶ Policy-based resource governance
▶ Cross-cloud migration
Automated cloud platform operation
Provide comprehensive cloud platform resource analysis. Analyze, present and alarm the usage and trend of resources.Present optimization suggestions and help save costs
▶ Comprehensive resource usage and cost analysis, providing optimization recommendations
Custom analysis report and dashboard display based on different needs
▶ Cost saving by discovering and recycling idle resources in time, as well as adjusting inefficient resources
Smart resource usage and cost analysis
SmartCMP—Application and service oriented cloud managment platform
Based on deep knowledge of IT business scenarios and advanced blueprints orchestration technology, we help enterprises efficiently and effectively use and manage IT cloud resources.
Public Cloud
Private Cloud
Multi-cloud management, Ultimate experience
SmartCMP SaaS provides a cloud-agnostic single console for one-stop management of public clouds such as Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud and private clouds such as OpenStack and VMware. Through a unified management platform and resource portal, help companies build a standardized IT service management system.

Privatization Deployment

SmartCMP SaaS version is a ready-to-use hybrid cloud management platform.

Help you efficiently manage multi-cloud resources and reduce costs on the cloud.

Multi-cloud unified management, Resource full life cycle management and control, One-stop intelligent cloud management platform

We provide two options:
All Clouds Connected
IP Address Management
Resource Pooling
Resource Governance
Blueprints Orchestration
Monitoring & Alerts
Billing & Usage
Cost Optimization
Request Service
Help your IT transformation with leading CMP technology
Advantages of SmartCMP
Efficient cloud management, governance and cost optimization

Blueprints orchestration

Mgmt. of heterogeneous resources

100% Cloud Agnostic

Role-based access control

Self-service anywhere

Efficient collaboration

With a simple drag and drop, you can easily organize a standard TOSCA-based service blueprint to achieve unified delivery of heterogeneous multi-cloud resources. In addition to IaaS resources, blueprints can be used to orchestrate applications for single, multi-layer andmicroservice architectures.

With a single console, you can federate, orchestrate and analyze multi-cloud environments including private clouds, public clouds, container platforms, x86 bare metal servers, SDN, SDS, and more.

By standardizing templates,

instance types, network and other resources across cloud platforms, SmartCMP provides true 100%

cloud agnostic management

capabilities to deploy any service

to any cloud, help you break the

platform barriers and meet your

business needs.

Multi-tenancy is completely isolated, based on organizational structure, roles, and users, through policy-driven access, fine-grained roles and rights management, to control access, application, and specification of resources and services.

Based on definitions of organizational structure, resource pools, and workflow engines, SmartCMP provides policy-based resource selection, automated deployment, and efficient recycling to enable easy and efficient self-service.

Break traditional management

isolations. With the help of

SmartCMP, software architects,

developers and QAs, network/

storage/virtualization administrators, project managers and other roles,

can jointly plan the cloud blueprint,

consistently collaborate through the platform, and greatly promote





Public Cloud Management
Private Cloud Management
VMware Cloudization Solution
Develop & Test Solution
Hybrid Cloud Management

Make your public cloud usage and management more transparent, standardized and intelligent.

Public Cloud Management

Unified Management & Standardization

Scenarios: Internet, Finance, etc.

Self-service Request

Automated Deployment

Automatic Resource Recycling

Cost Analysis & Optimization

A professional, safe and stable cloud platform that meets different customer needs.

Private Cloud Management

Scenarios: Internet, Finance, Energy,etc.

100%Cloud neutrality
Elastic& scalable

Help VSphere virtualization customers to transition from old and new environments to Cloud and realize the value enhancement brought by Cloud with better cost performance and faster speed.

VMware Cloudization Solution

Self-Service Portal

Scenarios: Internet, Finance, etc.

Life Cycle Management

IT Service Management

Automatic Resource Recycling

Cost Analysis& Optimization

Full life cycle management of database from modeling, configuration, request, deployment, monitoring to recycling.

Database As a Service

What You See Is What You Get

Scenario: Database Management

Combine with Any Cloud

Full Life Cycle Management

Billing and Cost Analysis

Multi-cloud Management

A professional, safe and stable cloud platform that meets different customer needs.

Develop & Test Solutions

Self Service

Scenario: Development and Testing

Application Automation

Resource Planning& Allocation

Continuous Release

Canary Analysis

Provide enterprise customers with multi-cloud seamless integration solutions to achieve efficient, secure, reliable, highly scalable, and low-cost services.

Hybrid Cloud Management Solutions

Heterogeneous but Same Service

Usage Analysis

Self-service Operation

Rich Solutions To Meet Your Business Needs

Strategic Cloud Partners

Empowering Enterprise Digital Transformation

Response speed increase of IT demands
Time savings of DevOps
Revenue increase of new IT applications and services
Budget increase of transferring to innovative busines
They chose SmartCMP to transform their IT operations
Trusted Cloud
ISO 9001
ISO 27001
Authoritative Qualifications and Industry Recognitions